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Part of the duties enjoined upon us by the beloved Messenger of God, the noble Prophet Muhammed (pbuh), is to take care of our community! Charity in general, and Zakat in particular, is a central aspect of this communal support in our beautiful religion, Islam. It is thus no wonder that Zakat, like the 5 time daily prayer and fasting of Ramadan, has been made one of the five pillars of Islam.

AMYN Care continues this legacy, facilitating the collection and distribution not only of Zakat of our wealth, but also of Zakat ul Fitr and of General Sadaqah (charity) by channeling it to its rightful recipients as prescribed in Qur’an and Sunnah.

Perhaps anyone among us can give our zakat to a poor person or even to one of its rightful recipients according to the Qur’an, however, AMYN Care comes in to ensure the distribution of Zakat to some of the MOST deserving out of the categories of zakat recipients. Moreover, AMYN Care itself, or supports others, to organise projects around these areas of the highest needs of the Muslim Ummah, all the while, benefiting the wider non-Muslim community as well in keeping with the caring and compassion that Islam teaches us.

Please browse through our website (see Navigation Section below) for a few but important details about the much needed and unique services that AMYN Care offers in its relatively small and humble set of services to the community. Please join our mailing list to keep abreast with our latest projects for you not only to donate monetarily if you so please, but also to join us as a volunteer to bring the care and charity of Islam to the masses via AMYN Care!

With Ramadan 1439H (2018CE) here, we shift into top gear to collect and distribute Zakat and Zakat ul Fitr to its most deserving causes and recipients, with Allah’s help, insha-Allah.


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