AMYNcare Objectives

AMYNcare Objectives:

  • Zakat & Zakat ul Fitr: To facilitate efficient and reliable collection of Zakat and Zakat ul Fitr from Muslims and distribute them to its true and rightfully deserving recipients locally as well as internationally (according to the need of the moment), working cooperatively as required with others in the field to fulfill this task.
  • Engaging the Community: Most of us have a desire to not only donate money in charity but to also physically help others. Thus an objective of AMYN Care is to engage and provide fieldwork channels for well intention Muslim community members to volunteer for care work to the needy locally and internationally.
  • Taqwa enhancing Projects: All worldly, spiritual, psychological and eternal good, including the divine help, comes from having Taqwa (piety in actions and intentions). Thus an objective of AMYN Care is to set up and operate educational and community development projects that offer long term skill enhancement for the beneficiaries’ in their (a) world-wise livelihood self-sustaining ability and (b) psychological & spiritual (taqwa) well-being, given that this latter (psychological/taqwa welfare) is the foundation of success in the former filed (worldly sustenance and well being of the individual and the community).