Community Help & Dawah Work

For our past efforts and future directions of our community help and Dawah work, please see the ‘Past Projects & Future Directions’ page of this website for more info by clicking here. Please also visit ‘About Us’ page for additional valuable information by clicking here.

One of Our Current Community Help Projects

Due to current coronavirus pandemic, a number of Quran teachers in countries such as Indonesia have no means to survive because the coronavirus restriction prevents them from earning an income to live. We are doing a small project to collect your donations to help some of these teachers. To donate for this, please transfer your donation to the account mentioned below and put the reference message of your transfer as QuranTeachersHelp or the number 4887

How to Donate Money for Community Help & Our Dawah Projects:

To support AMYN Care in doing this humble yet invaluable contribution, please donate at the secure (https  web protocol) Community Help & Dawah Work Donation below right here on this webpage or deposit/transfer the donation to the following bank account dedicated for this and is in the name of Sunnah Works Inc. i.e. one of our parent organisations:-


Bank Transfer
Donate via Bank transfer

Bank Details: Westpac Bank
Account Name: Sunnah Works Inc
BSB: 034093
Account Number: 348780
Swift Code : WPACAU2S