Bank Accounts for Donations Collected by AMYN Care along with Sunnah Inspirations Inc:-

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Zakat-ul-fitr for this year (1440/2019) is A$5 per person, distributed to the rightful very poor people overseas in form of food as required in the Prophet’s (s.a.w) hadith. For Zakat ul Fitr page click here.

Bank Transfer

Bank: Westpac Bank
Account Name: Sunnah Inspirations Inc.
BSB: 034093
Account Number: 475691
Reference : ZFITR

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Zakat of Wealth

This is the Zakat (the 3rd pillar of Islam) that Muslims are required to pay for zakat approved category of wealth that stayed with you for one lunar year (Hawl) and the saved wealth was above the current Zakat threshold (Nisab). The Zakat of currency, gold and silver is 2.5%. Zakat, according to the Qur’an [Surah Tawbah 9:60] can only be given to 8 categories of people and we distribute Zakat to one or more of these categories, locally as first priority, and internationally if the need arises. For Zakat of Wealth page, click here.

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Bank Transfer

Bank: Westpac Bank
Account Name: Sunnah Inspirations Inc.
BSB: 034093
Account Number: 475667
Swift Code (for overseas transfers): WPACAU2S

Community Help and Dawah Work

Help with community projects, charity and dawah project. Presently, these are the projects done by and along with AMYN and Sunnah Inspirations Inc. For more about this subject, please visit its page by clicking here.

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Bank Transfer

Bank Details: Westpac Bank
Account Name: Sunnah Inspirations Inc
BSB: 034093
Account Number: 348780
Swift Code : WPACAU2S

Donate to Build Masjid & Educational Complex

Book yourself a house in Paradise by donating to this great cause, the ‘MECA’ Masjid, educational complex and youth help center that we are supporting its foundation in the suburbs of Brisbane, Qld, Australia. For more about this project, please click here to visit its page on our site.

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MECA (Multicultural Education Centre of Australia)

Bank: Westpac Bank
Account name: Al-Siddiq Developments Trust
BSB: 034-003
Account: 328031


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