Zakat Ul Fitr year (1443H/2022)

Zakat-ul-Fitr for this year (1443H/2022) is A$5 per person , distributed to the rightful very poor people overseas in the form of food as required in the Prophet’s (s.a.w) hadith.

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Significance of Zakat ul Fitr in Month of Ramadan: It is with great excitement and anticipation that we await the start of the great month of Ramadan and indulge ourselves in its great spirit once it commences! Ramadan brings with it great blessings and opportunities to excel and flourish in piety and closeness to Allah. It is the season of planting the seeds of righteousness & piety (taqwa), with its fasting during the day and prayers with Qur’an recital at night along with a spirit of compassion and caring towards others. It is the month of the Qur’an 24/7, wherein this timeless Guidance of Allah is recited and reflected upon.

Amongst all this, it is a month also wherein charity is given to the poor and destitute in form of Zakat ul Fitr, Zakat ul Mal (Wealth) and general Sadaqah (charity).

Our Role in Distributing Your Zakat ul Fitr: Ramadan is a month for the end of which the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) directed us to give a small amount of charity, called Zakat ul Fitr, in form of food to the very poor among us. This year again (2022), for the 12th consecutive year or so, we will Insha-Allah be collecting and distributing your Zakat-ul-Fitr on your behalf to the very poor individuals across the world where they are found, in poor countries such as Zimbabwe in Africa, Indonesia and India in Asia and elsewhere as and where it is needed.

Zakat ul Fitr Amount to Give: The Prophet (pbuh) obliged every Muslim male, female, adult or young, whoever has surplus of a day’s need of themselves, to give a poor person one Saa’ (i.e. four cupped average sized hands full of staple food such as rice) before the Eid prayer (or upto a couple of days prior to the Eid day). For the countries where we are distributing Zakat ul Fitr – in form of food as much as possible – the amount you need to give for Zakat ul Fitr this year is $5 AUD per every Muslim in your family.

Please Note why AMYNcare collects such low Zakat ul Fitr amount: We take such a small amount ($5 AUD) for Zakat ul Fitr collection and distribution because we do this Zakat ul Fitr collection & distribution project as a non profit effort for which we do not take any fees for our personal efforts, though it is permissible to do so, and rather we pass the entire amount to Zakat ul Fitr and any excess to further help the needy (A) either via more food for the poor (which is what we usually do) or (B) via other of our charity means (as per religious directions).

How & Where to give your Zakatul Fitr

Where to donate Zakat ul Fitr: You may give this money to us for us at AMYNcare (for us to distribute to the poor as per religious guidelines for Zakat ul Fitr) via Secured Online Payment or the bank account below that is dedicated for Zakat ul Fitr and is in name of one of our parent organisations Sunnah Inspirations Inc.:


Where did your second Last Year (2021) Zakat-ul-Fitr go?

During Ramadan we ran the Zakat-ul-Fitr collection and distribution campaign. We would like to thank you for your support in this by showing you some photo of where your contribution went and how it changed the lives of so many people.
As this campaign comes to an end, here is one last parting thought:
If your Zakat-ul-Fitr contribution has the power to positively change the lives of so many people, imagine what a continuing charity could do? We have ongoing projects we would love to have your support in and a regular donation of even $1 a day will help towards fulfilling the needs of so many people.