About Us

AMYN Care is a project of AMYN (Australian Muslim Youth Network) and Sunnah Works Inc. (formerly Sunnah Inspirations Inc), the two parent organisations having been in operation for close to a decade, and working closely with Shaykh Aslam AbuIsmaeel.

Development of AMYN Care: AMYN Care work has been voluntarily operating under the name of these two organisations so far for the past seven years or more, and is now branching to a more  specialised charitable arm of AMYN commmunity work, and thus assuming a new and semi-independent derivative name, AMYN Care (pronounced as Ameen Care’), from the title of the noble Prophet Muhammed (pbuh), al-Ameen, meaning ‘the ‘reliable and dependable’.

The foundation work of the two parent organisations, AMYN and Sunnah Inspirations, is community and religious help and events organising, with non profit charitable goals.

As for the relief work of the AMYN Care branch, including Zakat and Zakat ul Fitr collection and distribution, it flows from the charitable and religious commitment and sense of responsibility to offer help, assistance and community-need work for everyone around us, Muslims and non-Muslims.

AMYN Care aims not only to facilitate the fulfillment of Zakat and Zakat ul Fitr for its required religious distribution, but to do so via engaging you, the community, as volunteers to join with us in realising our communal obligation towards those most in need, in need of bodily as well as spiritual welfare, locally first and foremost and also internationally for the whole Ummah.

How You Can Participate

Thus, not only can you donate money for the projects we offer, moreover, you can join us as a volunteer as most of our team are indeed volunteers offering their skills and sincerity to provide (with Allah’s help and to the best of our ability to provide) those in need a reliable and dependable care, AMYN Care!

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