Past Projects & Future Directions

AMYN Care’s Background

AMYN Care is a project of AMYN (Australian Muslim Youth Network) and Sunnah Works (Fomerly Sunnah Inspirations Inc.), that has been voluntarily operating under the name of these two organisations so far for the past seven years or so and is now assuming a semi independent and more specialised nature with derivative name, AMYN Care (pronounced Ameen Care), from the title of the noble Prophet Muhammed (pbuh), al-Ameen, meaning ‘the reliable and dependable’. For important details of AMYN Care’s background, please see the ‘About Us’ page of this website.

AMYN Care’s Past Success for Everyone’s Ongoing Wellness

Our team of volunteers, under supervision of Shaykh Aslam AbuIsmaeel and the senior managing directors and volunteers, collected Zakat ul Fitr, Zakat, and general donations for community relief and education work under the present initiative since roughly about 2005 (and some members generally helping the community from as far back as 1990).

Zakat ul Fitr, over the last seven or more years, was collected across some of the capital cities in Australia at the time of Ramadan, just before the Eid ul Fitr, in keeping with the Prophet Muhammed’s guidance, and our collaborating charity organisations overseas in some countries, and our team of volunteers in others, distributed it in form of food as specified in the Hadith by the Prophet Muhammed (s.a.w) in parts of Africa such as Zimbabwe to native African poor children and families, and parts of Asia such as Indonesia and India. Some of the photos from the past years will shortly be provided on this website inshaAllah.

Zakat of Wealth: Our team of volunteers collected and distributed Zakat to a variety of the eight categories of Zakat recipients that we are obliged to give Zakat to as mentioned in the Quran Surah Tawbah verse sixty, including local needy people due to personal or family dire circumstances here (zakat category one & two out of eight), for necessary education (zakat category seven of eight), and local charitable monetary help within Australia (zakat category eight out of the eight categories of zakat recipients mentioned in the Qur’an). Often the recipients of Zakat of Mal (wealth) have been local needy ones since the first right on Zakat are the local population before the distant ones. At times of natural disasters overseas, we distributed the Zakat money to overseas via reputable world renown organisations for calamities such as the devastating earth quake in Pakistan.

General Charity Efforts: One of the most needed of our community help efforts have been to offer marriage, parenting and family success advice and help via scholarly education and religious counseling in this field. As insignificant as this may seem be in our minds, it is nevertheless a dire need of our time as strengthening families is providing its members a shot at maximum productivity for themselves and their society! We aim to continue our keen efforts on this non-tangible yet fundamentally important community help need, Allah willing. Stable homes, no doubt, foster healthy and productive individuals and thus is a pivotal step in long term charity and relief work.

As for material relief work, during the natural disaster crisis we collected general donations, in addition to Zakat money, and sent it to Pakistan, as mentioned above, and elsewhere via reputable large aid and relief work organisations. During local calamities, such as the 2011 Brisbane Floods, our team of volunteers were among the first and foremost of the Muslim volunteers who joined many relief non-Muslim workers on the field in the calamity stricken zone offering disaster struck residents variety of monetary and physical help, including providing temporary shelter to the homeless due to the floods till they could return to their homes. These have been the highlight of our aims and objectives which is to engage the Muslim community to get involved in lending a helping hand to the Muslim and non-Muslim community locally and/or internationally.

This kind of charitable work locally and internationally is what we aim to increase on in future insha Allah (see next section below).

An Important note: we always ensure that any aid organisation we collaborate with, or charity we forward to, is always FULLY legal and compliant with government regulations, in addition to religious requirements.

AMYN Care’s Future Directions

While we will continue our core work of helping to fulfill the religious obligation of collecting and distributing the Zakat ul Mal and Zakat ul Fitr, looking to the future, we aim to expand on the general charity and community development projects over the coming years, firstly to help the needy in a general sense and secondly to engage the well intention volunteers who want to offer help to others.

We acknowledge great work done by many other charities, and our aim is not only to collaboratively work with others as much as we can, but also our main aim is to make charity work as a part of the dawah (i.e. spiritual development) and community work engaging those who like to volunteer with those who need their help; and it is this combination that sets our mission apart from many other charities on one hand and dawah organisations on the other.

Our future direction in general charity sphere over the next five years, besides the existing Zakat & Zakat ul Fitr projects, is to channel the donations from the community (Zakat and general donations together) to make a small manageable humble effort to help the families first and foremost, and our children particularly, here in Australia and overseas to have a better long term life-sustenance skills and success prospects by facilitating and improving their education, numeracy and literacy skills which are the foundation of all future education and employment success.

As we embark on a project, we reach out to you both of volunteers and donations alike. So please join our relatively small and humble effort and encourage your friends to do the same, even if it is with no other than your sincere prayers!