Zakat Ul Fitr Distribution 1437H / 2016


Zakat Ul Fitr Distribution in Africa & Indonesia pic 5

Ramadan has come, and it has now passed by for another year. We praise Allah, the Most Merciful, for having given us another opportunity to witness the blessed month. We pray that He accepts from us all our good deeds and efforts, and forgives our mistakes and shortcomings.

Over the course of Ramadan, AMYcare collected the Zakat-ul-Fitr on your behalf for distribution to the poor people elsewhere in the world. Some people may still have thoughts – what happened to my Zakat-ul-Fitr? I wonder where it ended up? Who received it eventually?

This year, Allah gave us the privilege of being able to organise for the distribution of your Zakat-ul-Fitr in two locations – Africa and Indonesia. AMYcare wish to show you in pictures the great joy of the beneficiaries on receiving it just before the Eid.

We truly praise and thank Allah for His bounty of the guidance of Islam! It’s truly amazing how just a small contribution from each member of the Muslim Community, which, when added together, can bring so much benefit and good!

Here’s some food for thought for you. Your Zakat-ul-Fitr contribution brought such joy and happiness to someone else on Eid.

Imagine how you could elevate your rank and reward with Allah even more – by being part of the AMYcare team responsible for coordinating such projects that bring joy and happiness to others. We, from AMYcare, would welcome your help for other activities on the go. If you would like to share your time, effort and/or skill, please contact us on the email address or mobile number below:

Mobile : 0414 156 900