Masjid & Educational Complex Initiation

What is the idea & significance of our initiative to build a Masjid?

Charity and relief work is more or less a bandage effort compared to eradicating the causes of poverty and distress. Islam, Qur’an and the Hadith of the noble Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) show to us clearly that poverty of means and distress of minds is, generally though not always specifically, directly proportional to our spiritual well being of minds and piety of actions.

Hence the importance of our MECA Masjid project, supervised in its religious aspects by Shaykh Aslam AbuIsmaeel and assisted by other qualified religious scholars’ guidance, a project that encompasses a Masjid for spiritual development and an educational establishment to provide means for a pious foundation coupled with essential life skills for a successful and productive youth that instead of being in need of charity can instead offer it to the world.


To Donate for Establishment of MECA Project with Masjid, Education & Youth Complex

Please donate for the MECA Masjid project that combines a Masjid, educational establishment and youth services center, to be founded in suburbs of Brisbane, Qld, Australia. You may visit MECA Project website and/or return repeatedly in future to donate at the MECA Project’s website donations page ( ) or at Sunnah Works Inc. (one of our parent organisation’s webpage) or right here on this webpage itself at the secure online web donations https section below or at our bank account dedicated for MECA Masjid Project whose bank account details are as follows:-


Bank Transfer
MECA (Multicultural Education Centre of Australia)

Bank: Westpac Bank
Account name: Al-Siddiq Developments Trust
BSB: 034-003
Account: 328031