‘Iftar for Poor In Covid’ Program

About ‘Iftar4PoorInCovid’ Program

During Ramadan, we invite friends for Iftar or our friends invite us, because the Prophet (s.a.w) encouraged us to.

While we are fortunate in Australia to have Allah’s help firstly, and then government help to help us stay alive and well during Coronavirus Pandemic, many people in many Countries around the world do not have government help nor a job or even enough money to buy food for themselves and their children to stay alive! This is reality today!

We cannot help the entire world population of needy people, but every one of us can do even a little to feed not one, but numerous poor people suffering overseas during the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, did you know that we can help to feed one person with one cooked meal in some countries with just $1. Please donate, even if $1 only!

Iftar In Covid Program – What we are doing

Overseas we give out cooked food for Iftar dinner during Ramadan to poor people who are struggling during Covid social disaster. The food is for adults of all ages as well as children.

Presently we are starting with few locations in Indonesia. If we get more donations from you, we aim to expand to more locations in more countries, inshaAllah.

Please note a very important point
Our program is done by voounteers who take zero admin costs, hence every dollar from your donation goes to the poor, inshaAllah!

What You Get from Donating for Iftar in Covid Program

With as little as just one dollar, you can feed one person an Iftar (dinner) in Ramadan. As the Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) informed us that if we provide Iftar food for one person, we share reward of their fast of that day! Imagine if you gave $10 dollars a day, you will get reward of that many fasts for each day you do that!

How You Can Donate for Iftar in Covid

You can do one or all of the following:

  1. Deposit your Iftar gift & donation in the following bank account. And please write ‘Iftar4Poor’ in the subject heading. Often $1 feeds one poor person one Iftar!
  2. Tell your friends. Send them this page link for more info: www.AMYNcare.org/iftar4poorincovid

Bank Account for ‘Iftar for Poor in Covid’ Donations
Westpac Bank
Account Name: Sunnah Works Inc.
BSB: 034-093
Account: 475675
Reference: iftar4poor
Swift code if donating from outside Australia: WPACAU2S

The donations bank account page can also be found at www.AMYNcare.org/donations

The above message is from Sheikh Aslam Abu Ismaeel of HikmahWay Institute. Sheikh Aslam AbuIsmaeel helps to organise the Iftar for Poor in Covid together with other fellow volunteers.

2021 Iftar For Poor in COVID and Zakatul Fitr 1442H